As an operator/contractor working in the trenchless industry you find yourself facing multiple challenges. Not only do you have to meet the guidelines of different municipal clients and engineering firms (each with their own standards and assessment methodologies) but you also have to do it with a workforce known for the high turnover, while using expensive sophisticated equipment. GraniteNet provides you an easy to learn and use tool to perform the inspections, while at the same time being powerful and flexible, to allow you to meet all requirements. Data entry wizards and automatic data validation features shorten the learning curve of any operator, even those with no previous experience in computer based assessment. Integration with municipal asset management systems like ArcGIS, CityWorks, MAXIMO, Infor, etc. can reduce your labor and time in the field by eliminating duplicate data entry and paper reports, fulfilling the need to pinpoint the locations of failing sanitary sewer and storm sewer lines for your client’s limited funding assisting service authorities to find the most critical locations to repair. GraniteNet is a valuable tool in prioritizing lines that need to be replaced quickly. Whether your project calls for the use of one man and one piece of equipment, or multi-disciplinary crews and a fleet of specialized equipment, GraniteNet can synchronize and evaluate the data for maximum usefulness to your clients.


Some of the application products that may be useful to meet your needs are:

The GraniteNet "Basic" package: for data collectors in the field

Task driven UI

Easily switch between task types through a wizard type menu

Context based toolbar

Each view displays its own toolbar with information and functions related to the view

Selectable views

You can easily switch views to quickly reference the map, view video, or enter data

Observation Video

High resolution video with advanced playback features

GraniteNet Basic Package: Simple … Easy to Use for Operators
GraniteNet Basic was designed for operators to optimize data collection. It has a simple interface to take advantage of small screens and portable computers. Main, Lateral, and Node Inspection modules can be activated independently allowing you to only purchase the features that you need.

The GraniteNet "Premium" package: for advanced field inspectors

Task specifics

All necessary info and parameters are at hand

Observation Video

High resolution video with advanced playback features

Projects/Assets tree

You can plan and manage your work with ease like never before

Screenshots gallery

Take as many as it is needed!

GraniteNet Premium Package: More Sophisticated for Use in the Field to Make Informed Decisions
Process Control - GraniteNet will collect many types of inspection data to provide a unified view of the current condition of a particular asset. Decision makers can make informed decisions based on the analysis of the information.


Some of the features of these products that may be of interest to you are:

The inspection software shall include an optional Report Designer module to create or modify report templates. The software shall allow users to create additional reports as needed using a report creation wizard to easily guide the user.

Case Studies

Designed to be flexible enough to manage the widest variety of assets as well as the tasks people perform on a daily basis to ensure a smooth running operation, GraniteNet is the leading platform for infrastructure assessment. To learn more, click on the images below to see how just a couple of our customers are leveraging the flexible platform of GraniteNet.


Explore how GraniteNet helped Tahoe City manage assets beyond just wastewater.


Explore how GraniteNet helped O'Fallon leverage the information they collect to maximize their productivity.