Our GraniteNet Office software provides a powerful, customizable platform for engineers to assess specific and systemic problems, prioritize repairs, and identify trends and patterns to optimize preventative maintenance. The scoring module allows you to assign values to each observation based on severity, calculate an overall score for the inspection according to included or customized formulas, and clearly see which structures warrant additional attention. Filter for inspection data by score range, observation type, location, etc, and see the scores on a map, color-coded by severity. Generate reports to easily summarize to management what assets require priority and why.


Some of the application products that may be useful to meet your needs are:

The GraniteNet "Office" package: for office reviewers

Task specifics

All necessary info and parameters are at hand

Observation Video

High resolution video with advanced playback features

Projects/Assets tree

You can plan and manage your work with ease like never before

Screenshots gallery

Take as many as it is needed!

GraniteNet Office Package: More Sophisticated for Use in the Office to Make Informed Decisions
Process Control - GraniteNet will collect many types of inspection data to provide a unified view of the current condition of a particular asset. Decision makers can make informed decisions based on the analysis of the information.


Some of the features of these products that may be of interest to you are:

CUES innovated a solution which assists municipalities with these mandates to allow asset values to be documented and calculated more accurately.

GraniteNet is a complete software solution for managing the condition of assets. It helps users schedule inspections and review the condition of assets as well as control the process of inspecting and analyzing your infrastructure at a more granular level with the addition of tasks and assignments.
The inspection software shall include an optional Report Designer module to create or modify report templates. The software shall allow users to create additional reports as needed using a report creation wizard to easily guide the user.

“Task-based management methodology”: A work process control approach that lets you manage the process of inspecting and analyzing your infrastructure at a more granular level through the addition of:
  • Assignments: Specific activities such as “Record Video” or “Create Observations” that can be performed by one or more employees.
  • Tasks: A group of assignments that when completed will provide a snapshot of the state of work that is in process.
  • Sessions: Which track further detailed information that is useful when an assignment must be interrupted and then resumed at a later time.
  • An Accept/Reject process: Allowing supervisors to reject tasks before they become part of the asset history.
  • Change Review tools: Which allow comparing an asset’s current properties with those of a new inspection to identify what has changed.
  • Support for Post Processing: Through assignments which can be completed in the office by different employees.

Case Studies

Designed to be flexible enough to manage the widest variety of assets as well as the tasks people perform on a daily basis to ensure a smooth running operation, GraniteNet is the leading platform for infrastructure assessment. To learn more, click on the images below to see how just a couple of our customers are leveraging the flexible platform of GraniteNet.


Explore how GraniteNet helped Tahoe City manage assets beyond just wastewater.


Explore how GraniteNet helped O'Fallon leverage the information they collect to maximize their productivity.