We offer a comprehensive infrastructure
inspection software solution

GraniteNet is a family of software packages that are designed to meet your needs

After decades of collecting users experience and feedback we came up with an interface that is as handy as it is contemporary. All necessary features are placed exactly where they are needed for the particular working circumstances.

The GraniteNet "Web Portal" package: review the collected data from any place in the world

Informative home page

Interactive dashboard provides visual presentation of critical information and is directly links to provide easy access to more details

Features list

All necessary information is available in read-only mode through a variety of selectable views

Web Portal provides read-only access to many desktop application features such as:
- navigation through the asset collections or projects/tasks ones
- detailed view of objects (gallery view, including collected images and video viewing)
- reports generation
Integration with ArcGIS Server and/or ArcGIS Online enables maps usage in the GraniteNet Web Portal, providing more convenient way of data visualization for user.

The GraniteNet "WebInspect" package: for field inspectors using mobile devices

Map centric

Strongly integrated with mapping to provide a simple visual alternative to navigation

Adaptive design

Allows a wide variety of devices of differing sizes to be supported


To support the widest range of inspection needs

GraniteNet WebInspect Package: Contemporary Approach to Field Inspection Using Mobile Devices
Process Control - GraniteNet will collect many types of inspection data to provide a unified view of the current condition of a particular asset. Decision makers can make informed decisions based on the analysis of the information.

Download the GraniteNet WebInspect Brochure

GraniteNet WebSync - easily transmit CCTV inspections from the field to the Office/Cloud via the Web!

Truly Synchronize

No need to wait until the end of the day. Get precise, up-to-the-hour statuses from the field without human intervention.

Simple to Use

Simply finish your inspection, activate “Sync” and the transfer will proceed in the background while you start a new inspection or pack up to move to the next location.

Never Lose Data

Even with connectivity interruptions, WebSync resumes from where it left off while automatically logging successful receipt.  Information and media remain on the computer until successfully transferred.

Stop Intrusion Threats

Stop connecting portable media devices to the network. WebSync is highly secure because it uses Web API’s that provide Secure Sockets Layers (SSL).

GraniteNet WebSync is one of three “Web” products offered by CUES to streamline utility operations to enable real time, task-oriented workflows for greater efficiency and productivity between CCTV field inspection crews and HQ.  WebSync uses internet or wireless connectivity to transmit bidirectionally.  Data exchange happens quickly so that QA/QC reviewers in the Office do not have to wait for inspectors to physically return to the office.  WebSync can be set to transmit inspection data only (in small file sizes) and skip sending media files if they are not required daily.  Administrators can set up specific WebSync filters to send certain types of inspections or media to specific people -or computers- to streamline the information dissemination.  

Download the GraniteNet WebSync Brochure

The GraniteNet WebSync product requires a software module on the field unit as well as a server. Contact CUES to discuss specific network and security configuration prerequisites.